The Golf Club by HB Studios

The first golf course I created was called Swan Hills Golf Club.  Yes, I know that name is not totally original, it's from one of my old Motocross Madness tracks.  I went on a crazy quest.  Not only did I want to make a golf course but a unique logo for each of them.  I also produced a video where I added royalty-free music and did all the editing.  I will have more courses in the near future.  Great game!


Twin Oak Islands Links Golf Club

Knotty Pines Golf Club (9 Holes)

Rattlesnake Canyon Golf Club (18 Holes, desert theme)

Sharp Lake Golf Club (18 Holes, all par 3)

Swan Hills Golf Club (18 Holes)


All these courses are available within The Golf Club game, on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.  Enjoy!

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